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03 September 2009 @ 03:42 pm
Lunch in the Office Food Court~  
Whenever I'm in the office and I don't feel like ordering food from the delivery service, I take early lunches in our building's food court (The Enterprise in Ayala Avenue). I have a budget of around 100 - 120 php for lunch, I know it's pretty expensive compared to ordering food from the service (costs only 50php), but I get really insatiable cravings all the time. I'm the type to order the same stuff over and over again, and it takes a couple of months or so before I change my food craving

Say, last July I ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu Rice Meal with Callos and Elbow Macaroni Soup on the side -- almost everyday. No idea why I was craving for this. The Cordon Bleu is quite a big serving, complete with gravy generously poured over. The Callos (never had it before, or maybe I have, I just don't recall), has stuff like fatty pork parts and carrots and potatoes with pork and beans combined. It's actually pretty good with the tomato based sauce. This meal costs 95php (Juana Bowl).

The longest craving I had for this year was Tonkatsu. Whether it was from a japanese restaurant in a mall or at Little Tokyo, I would order it without question. But probably the office food court earned the most when I spent for Tonkatsu. Bento Box #2, as it is called, includes half a Tonkatsu, vegetable sidings, rice, and some fruit chunks. I also order their Green Tea Gulaman, which is really addicting. It has a weird kind of sweet but earthy taste, it's like a drug! This bento box costs a 100php (Samurai).

If I feel like having a light lunch, I'll surely go for a Cream Cheese bagel. Ok, it's not so light because of the Cream Cheese, but, this is a really good bagel. I usually have the Sesame bagel or the Poppy Seed bagel if it's available. The Cream Cheese is spread through the bagel quite equally (I watch them do it), and they serve the bread warm, so the Cream Cheese kind of melts and it's super yummy. I love Cream Cheese and I love Bagels. I'm quite biased. This costs around 60php (Country Style Bistro Deli)

Currently, my lunch craving is a combo meal from the same place I get the Cordon Bleu from. This time, it's Polo Tomatina with Creamy Beef and Mushroom. It's a great contrast between the two viands - cream-based and tomato-based. I like the Polo Tomatina more, lotsa chicken chunks and tomato chunks and herbs - really good stuff. And the Creamy Beef just complements the entire meal. The way I feel about this combination is the same way I feel about eating Fries dipped in Ice Cream Sundae - delicious! This meal costs 95php (Juana Bowl).

I'm wondering now what my next lunch craving will be. Maybe I should try for Tapsilog or some Thai food. :)
Lkenlaikaken on September 3rd, 2009 08:00 am (UTC)
the price isn't bad either, considering you're in makati and all.