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01 September 2009 @ 11:55 pm
Singapore Food Trip Day 5 (Last Day)  
The last day of our trip! Finally got down to write it. It was a Monday, so Gabs went off to work while me, Pam and Ruben are left to fend for ourselves and do some last minute money-hate shopping and eating.

We head back to Orchard for this, and have lunch at Takashimaya. I really... really really love that mall. Pam and I were settled on eating Katsu Curry, something we decided that we must eat in, upon seeing the stall 2 days back.

This is not the sign of the stall we ate in, but the message is clear. And gotta love the image...

This is the stall where Pam and I ate in.

Ruben, who was unable to go around with us the last time, wandered off for a bit to try "small" snacks, as well as explore the food court while Pam and I ate lunch.

After having some takoyaki and red bean pancakes, Ruben had some noodles!

Not gonna be complete without chili!

We met up again after eating. We stopped by the bakkwa (a generic term for curing meat a certain way) stall to have some bulk orders to bring home. This stuff is genius. We ordered almost 4 kilos of it! And 2 kilos of it was mostly another friend's request. HEAVY STUFF, MIND YOU!

The aunties of the stall got really busy because of us! LOL. They asked us to come back 30 minutes to an hour to get our orders ready. XD

After taking our orders, we head to ION mall and do more shopping to bring back home. We run into a Royce store, not at all looking like a chocolate shop.

We walk and walk and walk. SO tiring! Another (food) break was in order. A mochi stall catches our attention!

So many flavors like mango, banana, suika (watermelon) and goma (black sesame) to name a few...

A lone stick of mochi roasting on a grill.

We ended up ordering (from left to right) cream cheese, chocolate and mitarashi (a soy-based flavor).

Fast forward to dinner time, our last big meal in SG. We ate in Gusttimo di Roma located in ION.

Prosciutto Panini

Mac and Cheese! LOL! But that's not what it's called on the menu, of course. I'm not ashamed of ordering this! XD

Salmon on foccacia. This was my order, and I was slightly disappointed. The lemon was just a little too much! It over-powered the salmon taste, rather than enhancing it. To anyone who is ordering this, ask them to go lightly on the lemon gunk.

Spaghetti Bolognese.

After dinner, a few hours away from our flight back to Manila, we make a quick stop to another mall that had a Ben and Jerry's store. Ruben was insisting we have some during our entire stay,

and I guess this was a great way to end our trip. NOMNOM!