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23 September 2009 @ 09:49 am
MoMo Cafe (Eastwood Mall)  
Momo Cafe recently opened in the new Eastwood Mall (Ground floor area). We were actually curious on what their menu was like and how the cafe would look while it still had the boardups before. And when it finally opened, it was the first place we went to when visited Eastwood.

Momo Cafe is part of the same restaurant group with Museum Cafe and Chelsea. Because Chelsea is expensive, we were quite afraid that it would have the same price range, but it isn't so. Yes, the items cost around 250 up but their servings are good for 2-3 people.

I didn't expect Momo Cafe to have this interior look, since I saw it already in Robinson's Manila. I think it looks quirky and fun with the patterned wallpaper and some props. The space is very cramped though and it makes it hard for the waiters to move. And the high ceiling makes me worry about the utensils and glasses placed on the higher shelves getting dusty and stuff.

We started with their frozen iced teas that were served in really tall glasses! I think the presentation was nice, and it was yummy too!

We ordered an appetizer that was some Chicken Balls wrapped in Pancake Batter, and didn't expect it to be HUGE (since it's called an appetizer). It was a big serving and was probably enough as a main meal. I suppose it's for sharing. They had 3 dips with it (BBQ, Mayo, and, Caesar(?)). Was kinda hard dipping the meatballs because they were so huge (maybe a little smaller than a baseball). Didn't finish it as it was quite heavy and the meatballs aren't so flavorful without the dips.

Also got some French Toast with Bananas and Nutella and Bacon! I'd say it was yummy!

We were supposed to order some another type of fish but it was unavailable, so we got Salmon with Risotto instead. It was a big portion of Salmon and the risotto was delicious.

When we paid our bill, our change in a small tin pail that had 2 pcs of Chocnut with it! Hahaha that was a little bonus :3

Momo had a pretty good menu although it was a bit hard to choose from as it had a lot of new recipes that would take a bit of guts to try out. It was ok though. While some restaurants make you wanting and coming back for more, Momo is just good to have once in a while - like maybe if you want something new to try or you feel like eating something different. :)